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There was a catastrophe after which any traces of human civilization got wiped off from the face of the earth. Now, it is your job to build this colony from scratch starting with a group of surviving people. Not only is your job to build a colony but to make it the strongest dominant colony on the surface of earth! BatttleDawn is a game with unique rules and you will realize it when you play war games online. What you do or don’t do: There are many aspects of the game you need to understand and master, and use a lot of tools, to play this game effectively. This is a strategy based online game played with many people all over the world. There is the excitement of playing with the people you don’t even know, and surely you don’t anticipate how their mind works. You must be able to successfully use and employ the tools and resources provided to you in the best possible manner in order to advance in the game of Battle Dawn, one of the unique online war games. You will be engaged in constant battles with other countries trying to take over them and you have to kill anyone who tries to get in your way, by hook or crook. Initially your aim is to grow and thrive since your group is small. You are the leader and you decide your future or fate. You should train yourself in anticipating your enemy’s next move, and create your own strategy, which may be to surprise your enemy. It is very important before you start attempting to play war games that you read and understand the rules of a game by going through the guide. Battle Dawn is a game based on ticks. Different servers will enable you to have ticks of different times, based on the speed of a server. So, it is very important that you need to pick a server that is fast enough so you get to play with a faster speed and get your resources too delivered to you faster! You keep using up your ticks when you engage in activities like work together with other players, make war, develop your colony or create alliances. Being a small group, initially, population should be your greatest concern. You must engage in preserving your population. In order to achieve this, when you play online war games, in the game of Battle Dawn, it is advised that you don’t create outposts initially as it may kill your economy. To be successful in this game takes years to master and in the process, you will find that you are conquered several times. Each time around, you will become wiser with more knowledge of the game. Your aim initially should not be to conquer others. When you play free war games, should be interacting on the online forums with other players if you want to be an expert in this game. Word Count: 502

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