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We everyone has his or her own hobbies in life. While some of us like to paint, many others like to take up some serious sport as hobby and some are just in peace with them and seek fun in doing nothing. Well it all depends on what kind of person you are and what are your preferences. However how many of you out there are so much fortunate that you make your hobby a really promising career. You know ironically this is the main ingredient for getting ahead in your career and making it big. Well easy said than done, not all of us have the same zeal and skills to make a career out of our hobbies. However there are a few of us who easily can. The gamers are one such clan of people who can turn their love for video games into rewarding career. They can easily get paid to play video games and make a career out of their favorite hobby. You think how let me detail it for you. The online gaming scenario It’s been more than half a century when in 1947, when using the Radar display first functional video game by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann was introduced. Since then the gaming industry has grown multiple folds from becoming a vector based dot game to 3D graphics and gaming engine driven highly versatile video games. It is now almost a thin line between the real world and reel gaming world. All thanks to improvement in the gaming techniques and computing technology. Now here is the actual way to how your hobby for playing games can help you to get paid. My friend, gaming is a lot more about just handling your character using joystick. All the gaming techniques need to be tested and developed before being introduced in markets. This is where your role comes in. With so much to be done gaming professionals need testers who can bring out flaws in the games. The game testers There are now hundreds of game developing companies all over the world. What they need to make a lead in the competition is the indulgence factor of the gamers. Game testers are no different than the gamers but they are hired audiences who evaluate the newly developed games and bring out their flaws. They help a company to look deep into what gamers expect from them and how they can achieve it. Being a game tester is really simple you will need a high bandwidth internet connection and a PC configured to support the respective game to be tested. That’s it and you are ready to make money just playing games. To start with you can make use of many sites and companies which offer you free orientation courses that can help you to know the field easily. There are no such prerequisite for becoming a successful game tester. The only thing which is needed is your craziness and love for video games and nothing else.

There are many websites that offer you the opportunity to get paid to play video games. You can become a game tester to get paid playing games online and earn hefty amount. t.

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